Your First Auto Accident Consultation

If you recently experienced an auto accident injury, getting proper treatment to relieve pain and restore your body to its original condition is of the utmost concern. Making an appointment with our chiropractor at Kilian Chiropractic in Downtown Vancouver can help. Here is a rundown about what you can expect during your consultation appointment.

Retain Necessary Paperwork For Evaluation

Seeing a family physician or using a doctor at a hospital to assess your condition after an accident is best. They will determine exactly what injuries you have sustained and will treat them with surgical means or prescription medicine if needed. If you sustained lighter injuries without broken bones or lacerations, seeing a chiropractor to help recover is beneficial. Make sure to bring any documentation you retained from prior medical appointments with you for a consultation with our chiropractor so the right treatment options are used.

Get An Assessment To Determine Auto Accident Injury Relief Methods

After your medical history and injury reports are assessed, our chiropractor will do an evaluation of their own to determine which procedures would best suit your needs. They will ask you to do a few tests to determine your current range of motion for affected parts of the body. This information will help them to tailor a plan to revitalize your body without pain or discomfort after an auto accident injury occurs.

Speak To Our Practitioner About Recommended Procedures

Our chiropractor will sit down with you to devise a plan to help you get through recovery from your injuries. Recommendations will be discussed in full so you are aware of the processes used and what you can expect after they are administered. Any questions you have about your treatment plan or your injuries, in general, are answered during this portion of your consultation as well.

Contact Kilian Chiropractic For Your First Consultation In Vancouver Today!

If you need help recovering from an auto accident injury, calling Kilian Chiropractic in Downtown Vancouver may help. Contact our chiropractor today at (604) 688-0724 to set up an appointment for a consultation to discuss your recovery options today.