Top 5 Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Sharp Leg and Back Pain

If you are struggling with sciatica, the most common symptoms that you will experience is back pain and leg pain. The pressure on the sciatic nerve will cause immense sharp pain to run up and down the length of the nerve. This pain can be significant and last for a long time.

One ailment that can drastically impact someone’s quality of life is sciatica. This ailment occurs when there is an abnormal amount of pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can then cause pain in the lower back to the legs. At Kilian Chiropractic, your Downtown Vancouver chiropractor, we believe in helping our patients heal naturally from common health complications like sciatica. Below are the five most common signs of this condition to look out for so that you can seek treatment right away.

Burning or Tingling in Leg

Besides feeling pain in your back and legs, you can also experience a burning sensation. This can make your legs feel very hot and might be accompanied by a tingling sensation.

Loss of Mobility

It is not uncommon to experience a loss of mobility, which normally lasts until the pain subsides.

Pain Worsens When Sitting

As opposed to getting pain relief when resting, the act of sitting will put more strain on the sciatic nerve and cause more pain.

Foot Numbness

Finally, sciatica can cause a numbing sensation in your foot. This issue can prevent you from feeling anything in your foot for a long period due to a change in blood flow and other concerns.

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