Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling

We have heard the phrase. “I need a vacation from my vacation.” It is common. There are aches and pains that accompany travel but there need not be if you take a few precautions, and plan ahead.

Remember travel if it’s for a vacation or business, it’s not a marathon, and it’s not supposed to be torture.

Eat Sensibly

No matter why you are traveling, your diet can take a turn for the worse, whether it’s bags of chips and soda, skipping meals or eating rich food or drinking too much. It’s fun to splurge or break with routine, but do yourself a favor. Splurge on one or two meals, and eat sensibly the rest of the time. Your digestion is important.


There’s a tenacity to want to do more: climb those stairs, walk around town when you travel. Or bring enough clothes, things to your destination and drag a heavy bag.

Plan your days and try to keep up a moderate pace of walking, running, or doing physical activities for you. Don’t do everything at once, just to get it in. Contrasting to that is sitting in business meetings for hours.

If you are flying, consider traveling light. Lugging heavy bags can put a strain on your back. However, if you do have aches, try moving gently and warm up your muscles.

Cramps and tingling and spasms

You have done too much and stressed your muscles or you may have sat too long in one position. Even on the plane try stretching and moving. Drink plenty of water, when you are walking, or sightseeing. If you experience a cramp or your foot/hand ‘falls asleep’, relax the muscle by stretching. Trouble with tingling move around and release the pinch that is causing the sensations.

Pay attention and you can eliminate or at least relieve any pain cause when you travel.

If pain persists, it’s best to see a chiropractor who can assess your ache and alleviate it. If you are in Downtown Vancouver, for business, vacation, or just returning home come see