Injuries May Result from Improper Ergonomics in the Workplace

Whether your job consists of sitting at a desk or standing at an assembly line, it’s important to take your health into consideration. The most common problems with working at a job where you sit, stand, or walk a lot may cause injuries to your joints and muscles. Proper ergonomics is a process of making sure you have the proper tools and equipment to complete the tasks at hand as safely and as health consciously as possible. The main goal is to reduce the amount of stress on your bones, joints, and muscles in order for you to effectively do your job. The good news is, if you haven’t been utilizing ergonomics at work and are beginning to experience pain and discomfort, our chiropractor in Downtown Vancouver can provide a treatment plan to help relieve your pain as well as provide you with tips to prevent a future work injury.

Benefits of Ergonomics While at Work

What may seem comfortable for one person may be extremely uncomfortable for someone else. So, basically, ergonomics means changing the job to fit the individual. For instance, one person may experience back pain from sitting at a desk, while someone else may experience leg and neck pain while sitting at a desk. The use of ergonomic tools, such as chairs, higher keyboards, and even floor mats can help to reduce employee turnover rates, increase production and increase the overall comfort and happiness of employees while on the job.

Common Injuries Resulting from Improper Ergonomics

There are a number of conditions that may result from poor ergonomics. Some of which may need medical attention or long term treatments, especially if they go untreated for a long period. Without proper ergonomics you may experience headaches and migraines, pain in your fingers, back pain, and/or injury, neck stiffness, or musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel. Fortunately, a chiropractor can help relieve most of these issues.

Our chiropractor can help you to get your nervous system and spine back to their highest functioning level. We can also recommend tips to make your workplace more ergonomically sound.

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