How Many Types of Migraines Are There?

Migraines can be absolutely debilitating for many people, but a chiropractor can actually help alleviate migraine pain with a variety of techniques. Kilian Chiropractic, serving the Vancouver area, focuses on holistic approaches to migraine relief. But what type of migraine do you have?

Migraines without an Aura

This is the most common type of migraine with 70 to 90 percent of people experiencing them, says The Migraine Trust. These migraines can last a few hours to a few days – even with treatment – and are often accompanied by vomiting and/or diarrhea. Usually, only one side of your head will feel a throbbing or stabbing pain which can also cause sensitivity to light and sound. Depending on the person and the triggers, these migraines can occur daily or rarely.

Migraines with an Aura

These migraines not only have the basic symptoms as mentioned above but also come with neurological effects that most commonly affect vision. Auras typically include seeing black or colored spots, having tunnel vision, seeing sparkles, or even temporary blindness. The auras for many come right before these migraines are about to hit or the auras occur but the migraine never does. Other neurological issues you could feel with these migraines are vertigo, dizziness, numbness, and pins and needles in your arms. The only positive part about these migraines is that they typically only last up to about an hour, all according to Migraine Trust.

Chronic and Episodic Migraines

You are considered to have chronic migraines when you suffer from any kind of migraine at least 15 days a month. If you get migraines a lot every month, but fewer than 15 times a month, those are considered episodic migraines. Many people who suffer from episodic migraines eventual progress to chronic migraines. These diagnoses impact your daily life the most because oftentimes sufferers learn to cope with daily migraines, but some get so severe you unable to leave your bed, let alone go to work. Because of the amount of constant pain, 73 percent of those with chronic migraines also end up overusing their migraine medications.

Other Types of Migraines

Of the final types of migraines left to talk about, menstrual migraines are probably the most well-known. This is when migraines occur during a woman’s menstrual cycle because they are triggered by the change in hormones during this time. Other less commonly-known types of migraines are Hemiplegic Migraines where it feels like someone is having a migraine and a stroke at the same time, as one side of their body becomes weak; and then there are really rare and unusual Migraines with Brainstem Auras with the same symptoms as aura migraines, but you need to have at least two auras at the same time. Other things like vertigo and abdominal distress in children have been linked to migraines also.

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