Everyday Work Pain That Signals A Chiropractic Visit

Many workers get through the day with some back pain, neck or shoulder soreness, and even wrist pain and simply write it off as one of the parts of the normal workday. However, these are not normal and can worsen over time. They can lead to other long term injuries.

Common Work Injuries

Humans were not designed to sit at a desk all day and look at computer screens. Even with ergonomic furniture, many workers still experience painful episodes if the furniture is not a proper fit. Pain is a sensation that happens when a body part sends a signal to the brain through the spinal cord. Its purpose is to signal something is wrong. Other worker pain areas include carpal tunnel syndrome, injury to the wrist and hands, neck pain, and lower back pain which all involve nerves of the spinal cord. These are the areas chiropractors specialize in.

Of course, we also see workers who have experienced an unusual injury at work as well. These injuries should be checked out by a professional to ensure that each event heals properly. Improper healing can more easily lead to another injury, most likely greater than the original injury. Any injury to the back, shoulders, neck or hip should be checked over by a specialist.

Chiropractors are trained in non-invasive techniques that relieve pain in the hips, legs, back, neck, shoulder, and arms. These interventions can release stress on parts of your body and spine, resulting in a lower level or absence of pain. Chiropractors are also experts on work ergonomics to help in your pain relief. The longer you wait to treat, the more likely you will cause additional damage or permanent injury to your body.

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